Ordering Info

If you choose to order a harp from us you would need to decide on a model and, if you choose, extra features you would like to go for. We would negotiate the final price after which, in order to start working on the instrument we would require a deposit of 1/3 of a final price. This deposit normally covers only the cost of all the materials (timber, strings, brass, tuning pins, etc) and some overheads.

There are two options of paying the balance – either in two installments (one half way through, the other on completion) or on the full completion of work. Once the instrument is finished we require a payment in full before you can collect / we post you the instrument.

While I make all possible efforts to finish all the instruments as quick as we can, we have a waiting list of 6 months for all orders, so usually it takes about 6 months from the moment the deposit is paid to the full completion of work. However we usually inform our customers about the progress, if they want us to :)
All our Cláirseachs and wire-strung harps have a 10 years warranty, granted they are kept in appropriate conditions. Each instrument is issued with a certificate with care instructions.