HHSI Connemara Queen Mary harp

HHSI Connemara Queen Mary

In 2014 Ériú Harps in collaboration with the Historical Harp Society of Ireland launched a new range of harps called HHSI Connemara harps. Those instruments are hand-crafted from locally sourced Irish timber, using more modern construction techniques, but following the information and data of the latest research of extant historical harps displayed in the museums of Ireland and Scotland.
HHSI Connemara Queen Mary is based on c. 15th century instrument displayed in National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh.
This model is a basic inexpensive instrument, ideal for beginners. The harp has all the dimensions of the original. This model is normally made out of native Irish Lime or Poplar. Its’ soundbox is glued, neck and pillar are laminated from 4 pieces (for strength), it has standard brass horse shoes, standard tuning pins, hand drawn brass/silver strings.
Price €2820

This harp is eligible for our upgrade scheme
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